July 19, 2018
A battle to the end

The Eagles welcomed Kingsthorpe to Daventry and it was neck and neck all the way. Kingsthorpe taking the victory by one shot on the last bowl of the final end, giving them a 92-91 win for the afternoon. Highest winning rink was Captain Sue Pernyes and her team of Chris Motts, Angelina Johnstone and Brian King. Very many thanks to Trevor Wright, Mo Dawson and Brian King who all stood in right at the last moment.
Rink 1: Barbara Jalland, Janet Fox, Michael Daniels and Brian Gelder [18] Bob Brown [17]
Rink 2: Trevor Wright, Ron Fox, Sylvia Hatfield and Judy Hicks [9] Brian Kaye [18]
Rink 3: Rosemary Dunkley, Adge Smith, Chris Jalland and Margaret Daynes [15] Derek Smith [14]
Rink 4: Chris Motts, Angelina Johnstone, Brian King and Sue Pernyes [19] Mike White [11]
Rink 5: Maureen Dawson, Trevor Motts, Margaret Stevens and Ray Dawson [18] John Churchman [16]
Rink 6: Susan Rumsey, Ron Rumsey, Margaret Jones and John Dunkley [12] Mick Richardson [16]

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July 3, 2018
Down at Northampton

Daventry Eagles performed well against a very strong Northampton side but went down 104 shots to 78. The Eagles had one winning rink skipped by Judy Hicks together with Barbara Jalland, Michael Daniels and Brian King.
Rink 1: Barbara Jalland, Michael Daniels, Brian King and Judy Hicks [15] R Spatcher [13]
Rink 2: Grahame Akers, Janet Fox, Anthony Robinson and Eveline Worrall [14] V Billson [18]
Rink 3: Chris Motts, Adge Smith, Margaret Jones and Kip Frankson [15] A Hogg [19]
Rink 4: Trevor Motts, Audrey Budd, Ian Davis and Shirley Shucksmith [8] D Levett [20]
Rink 5: Ron Fox, Doug Crane, Mary Gillard and Sylvia Hatfield [14] K Dick [18]
Rink 6: Sue Davis, Richard Humphreys, David Chambers and Chris Jalland [12] M Roy [16]

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June 25, 2018
Daventry Red win again

An excellent mornings bowling with Daventry Red taking all 8 points. The Pairs match went down to the wire with both teams on 6 on the penultimate end and Patrick Clerkin taking the end with his final bowl to win the game. It was a slow start in the Fours match with all the bowlers getting used to the green but came through in the end to comfortably win by 4 shots. Well done to all the team, one match left against the Stamford Saints where the team needs to win one game to go through on top of the league into the knockout stages.
Rink 1: , , and Tony Dicks [17] David Smith [4]
Rink 2: Vicki Worthington, Louise Hopkins, Patrick Clerkin and Mick Worthington [9] Bob Brown [5]
Rink 3: Louise Hopkins, , and Patrick Clerkin [7] David Smith [6]
Rink 4: Vicki Worthington, Mick Worthington, and Tony Dicks [13] Bob Brown [6]

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June 15, 2018
Eagles soar against arch rivals

Daventry Eagles scored an impressive victory against arch rivals Northampton in their home match on 14 June. Captain Sue presented the Highest Winning Rink awards to Judy Hicks and her team of Barbara Jalland, Ian Davis and David Chambers. The return match is in two weeks at Northampton.
Rink 1: Grahame Akers, Maureen Dawson, Mary Gillard and Ray Dawson [17] Ken Dick [17]
Rink 2: Barbara Jalland, Ian Davis, David Chambers and Judy Hicks [26] Vic Billson [6]
Rink 3: Brian King, Chris Motts, Doug Crane and Sylvia Hatfield [22] Andy Hogg [20]
Rink 4: Michael Daniels, Adge Smith, Chris Jalland and Sue Pernyes [26] Ted Maris [11]
Rink 5: Sue Davis, Richard Humphreys, Ian Weaver and Shirley Shucksmith [0] Joan Maris [0]
Rink 6: Trevor Motts, Audrey Budd, Margaret Jones and Brian Gelder [17] [8]

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May 29, 2018
Daventry White win

After travelling to Rushden all keen and eager to take on a team that we had not played against before, their team didn't turn up. After consultation with their team captain they admitted the error and conceded the match to Daventry White therefore the team gained 8 points and 20 shot difference, 2 points and 5 shot difference for each match to be played. We would have prefered to have played the match so hopefully when we play them in July the result will be equally a win for the team.
Rink 1: Keith Lancaster, , and [0] [0]
Rink 2: Margaret Jones, Sue Pernyes, Judy Hicks and Geoff Smith [0] [0]
Rink 3: Keith Lancaster, , and Judy Hicks [0] [0]
Rink 4: Sue Pernyes, Margaret Jones, and Geoff Smith [0] [0]

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May 24, 2018
Daventry Eagles wings clipped by strong opposition

Kingsthorpe took victory on five of the six rinks, putting them well in the lead in the summer round robin series. Nevertheless it was a most enjoyable afternoon and Captain Sue Pernyes was pleased to welcome Ian & Sue Davis to the summer squad, as well as Eveline Worrall, David Chambers and Kip Frankson who were playing their first game for Daventry Eagles this season. Highest winning rink awards went to Margaret Daynes with her team of Ron & Sue Rumsey and Doug Crane.
Rink 1: Barbara Jalland, Chris Motts, Eveline Worrall and John Sach [8] B Brown [15]
Rink 2: Angelina Johnstone, Adge Smith, Sylvia Hatfield and David Chambers [15] M Sibley [20]
Rink 3: Mike Taylor, Sue Davis, Chris Jalland and Judy Hicks [9] J Churchman [23]
Rink 4: Rosemary Dunkley, Ian Davis, Kip Frankson and Sue Pernyes [18] M White [20]
Rink 5: Carol Taylor, Trevor Motts, Audrey Budd and John Dunkley [11] D Smith [17]
Rink 6: Susan Rumsey, Ron Rumsey, Doug Crane and Margaret Daynes [16] B Kaye [14]

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May 18, 2018
First Summer Home match

A close fought afternoon, with each team winning on three rinks and Northampton just edging ahead to take the overall victory by the narrowest margin of three shots. Captain Sue Pernyes presented the highest winning rink awards to Adge Smith with his team of Rosemary Dunkley, Chris Motts and Doug Crane. Very special thanks to Colin Brown who substituted at the very last minute, enabling the match to go ahead.
Rink 1: Annie Scrimshaw, Ron Fox, Chris Jalland and Margaret Daynes [12] A Hogg [19]
Rink 2: Rosemary Dunkley, Chris Motts, Doug Crane and Adge Smith [27] V Billson [3]
Rink 3: Trevor Motts, Sylvia Hatfield, Margaret Stevens and Brian Gelder [9] T Atkins [26]
Rink 4: Grahame Akers, Barbara Jalland, Audrey Budd and Sue Pernyes [19] K Dick [17]
Rink 5: Janet Fox, Colin Brown, Margaret Jones and John Dunkley [21] R Spatcher [8]
Rink 6: Susan Rumsey, Ron Rumsey, Anthony Robinson and Judy Hicks [8] T Marris [26]

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May 17, 2018
Daventry Red v Kingsthorpe Red

This was the first National Fantastic 5 match of the season, the team being in Group 3, each team playing a home and an away fixture. The Group comprises of 3 teams, ourselves, Kingsthorpe Blue and the Stamford Saints. This was an excellent result for the team, gaining all 8 points and a shot difference of 41. All players played extremely well with the combination used by Mick Worthington proved a success. The team will meet again in June at Kingsthorpe however their next match will be at Stamford against the Stamford Saints which is an unknown team so we hope that the result will equal this match. Well done to all players.

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Daventry White lose to Kingsthorpe Blue

This was the first National Fantastic 5 match of the season. The team is in Group 2 along with Kingsthorpe Blue and Rushed Rouges. An excellent match however Kingsthorpe Blue were too strong on this occasion. The team were unfortunate to lose the Fours match by one point as they came up very strongly at the end, another end and maybe who knows. The team will meet again in June on a return match and hopefully they will be able to field a stronger team which may reverse the result. Their next match will be away against the Rushden Rouges in the early part of June but we are still awaiting a date. Well done to all those who played.
Rink 2: Kim Russell, , and Geoff Smith [5] [13]
Rink 3: Kip Frankson, Richard Hooper, and Judy Hicks [11] [10]
Rink 4: Geoff Smith, , and [4] [14]
Rink 5: Richard Hooper, Kim Russell, Kip Frankson and Judy Hicks [6] [7]

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May 3, 2018
First Summer Match in the Round Robin Series

Kingsthorpe were off to a flying start this summer, leading on every rink from start to finish. Captain Sue Pernyes welcomed six new bowlers to the Daventry Eagles team – Steve Bond, Joe Spears, Ron & Janet Fox and Chris & Trevor Motts – and at the end of the afternoon presented the Highest Winning Rink awards to skip Adge Smith and his team of Annie Scrimshaw, Janet Fox, and Brian King. Despite the heavy loss to Kingsthorpe it was a very enjoyable afternoon.
Rink 1: Barbara Jalland, Steve Bond, Shirley Shucksmith and John Dunkley [10] M Richardson [22]
Rink 2: Chris Motts, Michael Daniels, Chris Jalland and Geoff Smith [6] J Churchman [22]
Rink 3: Sylvia Hatfield, Trevor Motts, Doug Crane and Sue Pernyes [11] M White [21]
Rink 4: Annie Scrimshaw, Janet Fox, Brian King and Adge Smith [12] D Smith [18]
Rink 5: Ron Fox, Grahame Akers, Margaret Stevens and Judy Hicks [12] R Hill [23]
Rink 6: Rosemary Dunkley, Joe Spears, Mary Gillard and John Sach [14] D Sargeant [23]

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