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Our aim is for a friendly Club where players of all ages and abilities are made most welcome

Our purpose-built centre comprises a bowls hall with six rinks, and air conditioning provides a comfortable environment in which to enjoy the sport all year round. Spectator seating overlooks the playing area. A well-stocked bar and kitchen facilities are available for bowling and social functions. Our facilities are available for hire; please contact us on 01327 871971 for details.

The Club was founded in 1998 with the Clubhouse being officially opened by Liz Read, President of the English Women’s Indoor Bowling Association, in November of that year.

September 2017

New members

Players at all levels are welcome and bowls is suitable for all abilities. Beginners are encouraged to come along and give bowls a try. Free taster sessions are offered every Saturday morning from 09:30 to 11:30. All equipment is provided free of charge. The annual subscription is also discounted to help new members into the sport.

If Saturday mornings are not convenient for you then please use the Contact Form or phone 01327 704264 to arrange a more convenient time.

Free coaching/skills improvement sessions are also held on Saturday mornings from 09:30 to 11:30 and at others times by arrangement with the coaches.

People with a disability can compete equally against other disabled bowlers or non-disabled bowlers. All areas within the Club are easily accessible by wheelchair; in addition the Club owns a number of specially designed wheelchairs that protect the carpet. Several other aids are also available to allow players with a variety of disabilities to participate in the sport; the Club has sticks and bowl lifters, which can be borrowed from the duty Steward.

We welcome applications from anyone interesting in joining for casual play with friends, to take part in the roll-ups, or to enter leagues, matches, and competitions.

If you do not wish to bowl, then please consider becoming a Social member. We have an excellent bar and there are occasional events to which you would be made welcome. Social membership entitles you to purchase drinks from the bar.

Print a membership application form (.pdf).

The Club functions by having volunteers to assist in the running of the Club, such as Stewards, social evenings, maintenance, etc. The Club officers are all volunteers who give generously of their time and energy so that you can enjoy and play the game. Without volunteers to help run the Club we would need to look at paying people to do some of the essential jobs. This would, therefore, have an impact on our annual subscriptions and the rink fees which the Board is trying to keep to a minimum. Therefore, your assistance is very much needed, be it for an hour a day, week or month; it all helps. Please also support social events and functions organised for the good of the Club and your enjoyment. With everyone playing their part, Daventry Indoor Bowls Club is a great place to be.


The subscription year runs from 1st October to 30th September.

At the AGM, the board announced that the annual subscription would stay at £60 a year. They also kept last year’s offer – that if annual subscriptions are received no later than the 1st October 2017 then the annual payment will be £50. A reduced subscription of £25 is payable by members joining after 1st April 2018.

The annual subscription for new members is discounted to £25 for the first year.

Juniors (under 18 on the 1st October 2017) and non-playing Social members pay just £1 per annum.

When you pay your subscription you will be issued with a membership card which notes your membership number. All new members are also issued with a copy of the Club’s Articles of Association, which sets out the rules of the Club to which all members must adhere.

Rink fees

Rink fees are currently £2.50 per two-hour session or £1.50 for one hour.

Rink fees are discounted by 50% for Junior bowlers.


Members may bring occasional guests, who may play for a maximum of five times in any year. The cost for guests is £3.50 per two-hour session or £2 for one hour.

Match fees

Match fees range from £6 to £9, dependent upon the type of match; the fee includes a transport levy paid to drivers for away games, and possibly a meal!

Entry key fob

A refundable payment of £5 covers the cost of the door/barrier entry key fob. Fobs remain the property of the Club and must be returned if you decide not to continue your membership. Faulty fobs will be exchanged by the Membership Secretary.


Lockers are available at a cost of £5 per year. Alternatively you may pay a one-off sum of £20 to rent a locker for the duration of your membership. Your locker key must be returned if you decide not to continue your membership. Lockers are not transferable.


PLEASE DO NOT use Grippo polish on your bowls – it does nasty things to our carpet. Other polishes such as Crack-a-jack are quite acceptable.

Both stick and spray chalk or dry pens may be used within the Club. Chalk is provided free and spray chalk can be purchased from the Stewards.

Rink Bookings

During the Winter Season (October to April) the Club is normally open seven days a week, from 09:30 until 20:30 (Stewards permitting). In the Summer (May to September) opening hours are reduced. Session times are displayed on the Rink Availability page or on the notice board in the Clubhouse; these sheets cover the coming four weeks and show what has already been reserved for roll-ups, leagues, matches and competitions.

To book any unreserved rink time you simply write your name in the appropriate space on the sheet in the Clubhouse. You may cancel your booking up to 24 hours ahead without charge; a simple phone call to the duty Steward on 01327 871971 will suffice. However, if you do not turn up and have not cancelled your booking you will be liable for the cost of the rink.

The Club organises lots of different activities: roll-ups, leagues, matches, competitions, etc. There are competitions for Novice players (ie those who have been bowling for less than 2 years). Don’t be shy to add your name to any of them, no matter how new you are.

Casual Roll-Up Sessions (just turn up and bowl – no partner needed)

These are generally 09:30 to 11:30 on Mondays and Thursdays and 11:30 to 13:30 on Fridays. Sessions are shown in orange on the Rink Booking sheets. These sessions can be played as pairs, triples or fours depending on the numbers turning up and the rinks available. Please add your name to the list on the desk outside the office as soon as you arrive so that the organiser knows how many people wish to play.


Winter and Summer Club leagues are played between teams from within the Club and are usually two-hour sessions. Men’s, ladies’ and mixed leagues are played and can be pairs, triples or fours. League rules are available online and are also posted on the Club notice boards.

There are a number of drawn leagues when you can just turn up and take part; you don’t have to play every week. These leagues attract a lot of new bowlers, who are encouraged by more experienced bowlers. These drawn leagues take place on Mondays at 11:30, Tuesdays at 11:30 and 18:30 and Fridays at 18:30.

Please ask for details about joining the leagues – you will be made most welcome.

Friendly Matches

The Club regularly plays matches against other Clubs in Northamptonshire and neighbouring counties. These are friendly matches and everyone is encouraged to take part. Matches are played in Club shirts and grey trousers/skirts (see the Dress Code).

Details of forthcoming matches are displayed on the notice boards; we ask you please to check your diaries and put your names on the availability sheets as soon as possible.

Once the playing list is put up, please tick your name so that the Captain knows you are aware that you have been selected to play. If people do not volunteer to play then it becomes necessary for the Captain to make numerous begging phone calls to get sufficient players, or face the prospect of cancelling the match. You wouldn’t like to be put in that position and neither do they. So, please don’t be shy – friendly matches are just like roll-ups and are played in a very relaxed atmosphere. Put your name on the sheet and come along and have a very enjoyable afternoon.

Club Competitions

During both the Winter and Summer Seasons, singles, pairs, triples and fours competitions are arranged for men, ladies and mixed teams. These are both nominated (where members arrange their own partners) and drawn (where partners are arranged by the Club). Club competitions are great fun and only cost £1 to enter. Competition rules are available online and are also posted on the Club notice boards.

Please ask for details of the competitions – you will be most welcome.

County & National Competitions

The Club also participates in both County and National competitions. If you are interested in playing at this level, please do ask the Stewards for details.

Special Events

From time to time you will see events advertised such as President’s Gala, Julien Coyles Cup, Captain’s Day etc. These are friendly, social/bowling sessions that are open to everyone in the Club. There is often a tea and generally a raffle to help things along, so please put your name down, come along and join in the fun.

Players at all levels are always welcome.

Dress code

We want to make it easy for people to play bowls but there are a few requirements …

Most important are your shoes

We have to protect our expensive carpet. Bowling shoes have smooth soles and are flat with no heel. Some special bowling trainers are acceptable but must only be used whilst bowling and not be worn outside at all. Please check with the Stewards/Directors if you are unsure.

Roll-Ups & Casual Bowling

Classic-style clothing is required. Please wear tailored trousers/chinos or skirts in grey and smart shirts/polo shirts, with a collar, in discreet colours/patterns. A simple logo such as the Nike swish is acceptable, but no other advertising please. Shorts, jeans, track suit bottoms and cargo pants are not acceptable.

Internal Leagues/Drawn Leagues/ Australian Pairs/Club Competitions

Grey trousers and white polo shirts with a collar, or Club shirts. If a team has registered a specific coloured shirt for their league then ALL team members must wear the coloured shirt or all must wear white.

Friendly Matches

Our Club plays in greys with Club shirts. If you do not have a Club shirt then a white shirt with a collar is worn with a Club tie/cravat. If you are playing for the Club on a regular basis, please try to wear a Club shirt if you can (Ladies £20/Gentlemen £25 – please see Sue Pernyes or Reg Kershaw).

There are a very few exceptions, and players will be notified if whites are to be worn.

External Leagues/Competitions

Team members will be made aware of the dress code for each event.

Normally white sweaters/cardigans are worn but ladies may also wear the Club approved red cardigans/waistcoats available from Margaret Daynes.


If you have anything of interest to report please leave a note in the folder in the office and the Chair will try to include it in one of our regular newspaper reports.

Do please spread the word as we always welcome more members.

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